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The Central Kentucky Coon Hunters Association grounds comprise approximately 115 acres of pristine woodland. Gravel roads connect the main facilities to our firing range and pond areas, with a rustic hiking trail servicing each of these areas as well. Our club house is approximately 600 square ft and seats approximately 50 people comfortably with a spacious full kitchen attached.


Located adjacent to club house is our Trap House featuring a state of the trap launcher.


The club also boasts a 100 yard firing range with dirt berms at every 25 yards and a large hillside providing an excellent backstop. Our range house shelters the firing line to ensure that regardless of the weather conditions you can enjoy your shooting experience.


Our pond area is currently undergoing renovations as part of our club's commitment to offering the best in outdoor experiences. We're currently having some dozer work done around the area to widen the bank area from about 3 yards to around 10 yards on all sides of the bond. Randy Stegal is also currently heading a project to make our pond a better habitat for fish. The pond is currently fishable, but if you do visit please excuse the mess as we continue to work on this area.


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